Highly Recommended English School in West Sumatra

I decided to come back home, quit my job, and started a new journey. I stayed for one week with my family and friend then continued my journey at Harau Valley English School. I hope this decision helps me grab the next challenging journey.

I knew this beautiful environment from one of my friends, Gio. He told me that this school is different because the tutor has his own method to teach English. Before I decided to choose this school, I asked as much as I need to know about this school to Gio. Lucky I am, he did not bite. Haha

There are so many beautiful people here. All of them just wanted to improve their English skill. I want to improve my grammar. Since my grammar is worse, I need to study hard. I am lucky enough because I have the best Tutor like Andri. He is totally great!

Harau Valley
The best place to chill whenever we got bored.

As Gio said, Andri has his own way to teach and it has massive impact. I never feel bored yet. We have memorizing class in the morning. We can choose our own partner but we have to choose different person every day. The class will be continued to grammar class, speaking class, listening class, and the last one in which students love is informal class. The students can do everything they want. Play the game, gossiping, or gather in a group and make their own topic.

The most famous game in this school is warewolves. People will accuse someone as a warewolve. When the warewolve caught, it means the villagers win the game. Since I have been playing warewolve for about five years I am not as excited as my friends. Sometimes, I join the game the friend.  

The day I love the most is weekend. As the best Tutor, Andri takes us everywhere. We do hiking, climbing, canoeing (Hahahah it is not canoeing by the way, we were taking rafting). Andri knows what the student wants. According to me, Lima Puluh Kota regency, especially Harau Valley is such a beautiful place that everyone loves to stay.

I love being here. Next weekend will be last day. I will miss this the place to the bone. O my god this is my last week here.

Harau Valley
Mini traditional house of Minangkabau located in Harau Valley close to Harau Valley English School

I recommend this place for you who want to improve your English skill, written and spoken English. The environment is so positive. The tutor is the best and the teaching method is amazing.  No matter how bad your English is, this place will help you to overcome your English problem.

I have found a way to overcome my English problem in this school. I recommend this school for you guys who wants to make your English better. If you don’t know how to reach Harau Valley English School please click here.

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