Verbal Abuse

The Most Painful Thing I Have Told

A couple days ago, I watched on youtube “The Most Painful Thing I have Told”. They shared about their feeling after they heard the unexpected news from other people. Based on the video, I got things being able to understand or learn. From now on, I have to watch and think about my language before I say it to people. In addition, I have to stop judging people because I have never been in their shoes before. I know nothing about their pains, experiences, feelings, etc. It can be concluded that I don’t have a right to judge others. They might be better and brilliant compare to me.

In this story, I would like to tell you guys about the most painful thing I have ever heard in my life. To be honest, it is kind of difficult for me share this experience but I dare myself. I hope this story can change people perspective about others. Although it is a joke, sometimes your words may hurt other people feelings.

So, what is the most painful things I have ever heard in my life?

You Are Not My Child!

When I was a child, I was not a good kid. I broke all the rules made by my parents. I loved to climb a tree, played with the mud, and loved to swear. Things that’s hated the most by my mother were things I loved to do. I had tried to convince my other that’s okay to play with boys, cats, and dogs. To obey all the rules she made is the most important things. Oh, Dude! It was so difficult for me.

If I had done something wrong, my mother would hit me. Sometimes, she grabbed my clothes and locked me outside the house in the evening. Naked. It sounded irrational, but it was true. It happened when I was 6 years old. At that time, I melted down because my mother did not let me to stay at my brother house. All of my clothes were dirty, mud is everywhere. Then, she got angry to me. She kept the doors locked until 11 pm.

I cried like a river and I hoped my father would help me to fight my evil mother but he did nothing. He just drank a cup of coffee and ate some biscuits. Then, I started to hate my father.

When my mom gets angry, she always say: “You are not my biological child. You are adopted when you were a baby. You are attended child. Please leave and fuck yourself”

It is really hurt. Years passed, but it still linger in my heart. It seems like she really hates me and does not expect my existence in her life.

For me, verbal abuse is worse than physical. To be honest, both of them (Physical and verbal abuse) are not cool at all. So, please watch your language because every single word you say may hurt other people feeling. Stop judging because you never been in their shoes. You don’t know them. You will not understand how difficult the situation is.

Save Middle-Class!

I read a good article from a national newspaper this morning. The article stated there are number different perspectives between the high class, middle class, and lower class especially in money management. What I want to say is I am from the middle class. Yup, I am from the middle class.

The article asserted that the middle class always try to save as much as money they could save while the high class looking for other incomes. So, it will difficult for the middle class to reach the high class level because they only have one job. It means, the high class creates one more high class. Again and again. Let’s choose an Indonesian famous artist Agnez Mo as an example. Agnes has been singing since she was little girl and has been producing much money from that job. Do you agree if she has only one job to make a living? Are sure she can pay all her expenditures every single months with one job only? Of course she can. But Agnez has so much side jobs. She has a lot of smartphone vendors located in Indonesia. She has number of pastry business’, perfumes, fashion outlets, lipsticks, etc.

Why Agnez so much wealthy? The correct answer is she tries to find side jobs and utilize the opportunities which are served by the great world to make more money. So, she earns so much salaries, royalties, interest’, and million kiss from her hot boyfriend. Yeay!!!

Are curious what I have been doing for almost 24 years in my life? TRYING TO SAVE MONEY NOT LOOKING FOR SIDE JOBS. LOL. What a crack, Man!

Harau Valley

Welcome to Beautiful Harau Valley

I praise the Lord every single day because he grants me everything. I inhale free oxygen, smell the nature, and travel as far as I could. Although I am from West Sumatra, I have never visited Harau. Last September 2018, I decided to come back to West Sumatra and chose to take an English course. I had been taking English short course at Harau Valley English School for three weeks and this week was my last time to study here. This place is awesome.

We, girls, traveled to Harau in the first week. We photographed and captured everything. We went to the valley by foot because girls did not have motorcycle. We made a shortcut and took a path in the rice paddy. It was a long journey. The distance between our school, Harves, and Harau Valley is about 4.5 kilo meters length. Some of my friends’ suffered because they was not use to walk.

I ate my favorite food here. I got five sticks of rolling eggs, one Kerupuk Mie— chips with Satay Padang’s sauce and fried thin rice noodles. It was amazing. It had been more than three years I never eat these types of food. In Medan, the place where I stay, nobody sells Kerupuk Mie.  What a wonderful day I had. I wish I could stay as long as I want.

There are several places which offer beautiful landscapes:

Pohon Jomlo— The Single Tree

Harau Valley
The Single Tree or Pohon Jomlo is going to stand by itself until it drops. Local people believe when someone stands beyond it, he will be single for the rest of himself.

Local people said a tree which is growing in this park is single for couples of years. It is outrageous. In my opinion every tree is single except bamboo because they are living together and close to each other. So, what the tree should do? Get married or build special relationship with other trees? How come? It is impossible. I have no idea why local people of Harau named the tree with Pohon Jomlo—The Single Tree.

There are numbers of freelance photographers who can help to photograph your special moments with some relatives, friends, families, etc. If you do not want to spend more money, just take a shoot with your own smartphone camera or your digital camera. The freelance photographer will help you. So, you can thrive, can’t you?

Except Pohon Jomlo¸ there are many beautiful places which can be captured, such as the bamboo bridges, hanging bicycles, hanging Aladdin’s carpet, and so on. If you are the brave one, you can rent a boat then you may sail the pool. Now you are the sailor moon, then!

Sarasah Donat— Doughnut Waterfall

Harau Valley
As you can see, there are many doughnut shapes at this waterfall. This photograph belongs to

My friend said they named it Doughnut Waterfall because it shapes is like a real doughnut. It has numbers of holes. I love this place. The sound of the waterfall helps you to release your stress and cure your mess up soul. I did not plan to jump into the water but I could not hold my desires. When I saw my friends jump into the water, I followed them in sudden. The fresh water……. Oh M G.  It was so good. I jumped several times. You do not need motorcycle to reach this goddess place. If you do not know where to park your vehicle, you can park at our school but you have to pay, 5,000 IDR each vehicle. My school is located at Tarantang, Sarilamak, Lima Puluh Kota Regency. Then take the small path in the rice field. Can you imagine how beautiful this place is?  

If you have a chance to visit Harau Valley I recommend you to visit these places. I will share other tourism destinations. What places you had visited in Harau Valley? I am looking forward for your reaction!

Celebrating Ied Mubarak At A Church? Why Not!

In 2018, I did not come back to my hometown to celebrate Ied Mubarak with my family because I have to work. We were close to regional election day that’s why we did not have any days off. This is my very first time to celebrate my Ied Mubarak by myself. Felt lonely? It could not be denied. It was so damn lonely. Nobody stayed in my boarding house. They all left and departed to their lovely hometown.

Lucky I am. I have my cat Lontong. She stayed because she had no place to go except my boarding house. I bought groceries, snacks, beef, and some chicken drum sticks. I tried my best to cook all of them. I cooked beef Dendeng (traditional food from West Sumatra: deep-fried beef with chili sauce). I made a bowl of chicken soup completed with green chili and rice. It is a common tradition in West Sumatra to cook number of dishes to celebrate Ied Mubarak. One of my family routine is to eat all the dishes after we do our Ied pray in the morning. We will spread joy.

What about now? I am alone. No one of my muslim friends celebrate this holy day with their lovely family. I won’t dare to disturb. My friend Tria called me and informed me tat she did not go back to Nias. She asked me to cook her dinner since no store were open.

After we finished our launch, me and Tria went to Graha Maria Annai Velangkani. This place became famous because of its architecture. The look of this church is similar to hindi’s temple. There are number of stupas, so high, and the place is open for public not only for christian who wants to worship but also to all religions. Nobody is going to gaze and stare at you if you are wearing veil. Most of the visitors are really really tolerant.

This is the miniature of the whole building of Graha Maria Annai Velangkani. It is placed behind the main building close to holy water tab

The architect also made a special design and sculpture on the stairs. There are number of bible article sculpture with different languages: Batak Toba language, Simalungun language, Nias language, Karo language, Phakphak language. Tria was so happy to find one article from holy bible sculpture in Nias language on the wall.

Graha Maria Annai Velangkani is a big church with a unique architecture and also unique reliefs. We explore all the site like Eden park, mother Theresa corner, the holy water, the miniature of the church, the gift shop. Tria did a worship about 30 minutes and I was waiting for her outside the building.

Graha Maria Annai Velangkani
Tria was so exited when she found the relief of an article in holy bible craft in Nias Language on the wall

This place is one of the best places you have to visit when are travelling in Medan especially for you who want to do inter-religious travelling. Here we can learn that church only a building. Everyone can enjoy the uniqueness of the building no matter what his religion is. The other places I recommend are Masjid Raya, the oldest mosque in Medan, Roemah Tjong A Fie Mansion, Sri Mariamman Temple, etc.

I cursed the terrorist attack on two Christchurch mosques on Friday, March 13th during Friday prayer. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families.

Kampung Inggris

Highly Recommended English School in West Sumatra

I decided to come back home, quit my job, and started a new journey. I stayed for one week with my family and friend then continued my journey at Harau Valley English School. I hope this decision helps me grab the next challenging journey.

I knew this beautiful environment from one of my friends, Gio. He told me that this school is different because the tutor has his own method to teach English. Before I decided to choose this school, I asked as much as I need to know about this school to Gio. Lucky I am, he did not bite. Haha

There are so many beautiful people here. All of them just wanted to improve their English skill. I want to improve my grammar. Since my grammar is worse, I need to study hard. I am lucky enough because I have the best Tutor like Andri. He is totally great!

Harau Valley
The best place to chill whenever we got bored.

As Gio said, Andri has his own way to teach and it has massive impact. I never feel bored yet. We have memorizing class in the morning. We can choose our own partner but we have to choose different person every day. The class will be continued to grammar class, speaking class, listening class, and the last one in which students love is informal class. The students can do everything they want. Play the game, gossiping, or gather in a group and make their own topic.

The most famous game in this school is warewolves. People will accuse someone as a warewolve. When the warewolve caught, it means the villagers win the game. Since I have been playing warewolve for about five years I am not as excited as my friends. Sometimes, I join the game the friend.  

The day I love the most is weekend. As the best Tutor, Andri takes us everywhere. We do hiking, climbing, canoeing (Hahahah it is not canoeing by the way, we were taking rafting). Andri knows what the student wants. According to me, Lima Puluh Kota regency, especially Harau Valley is such a beautiful place that everyone loves to stay.

I love being here. Next weekend will be last day. I will miss this the place to the bone. O my god this is my last week here.

Harau Valley
Mini traditional house of Minangkabau located in Harau Valley close to Harau Valley English School

I recommend this place for you who want to improve your English skill, written and spoken English. The environment is so positive. The tutor is the best and the teaching method is amazing.  No matter how bad your English is, this place will help you to overcome your English problem.

I have found a way to overcome my English problem in this school. I recommend this school for you guys who wants to make your English better. If you don’t know how to reach Harau Valley English School please click here.

Welcome to My Personal Blog

I have been starting blogging since I was studying at semester 1 in University of Sumatra Utara. I have been changing the contents of my blog for many times. I try to figure it out how to make my blog display getting better everyday. The fact, I make it worse. It seems like I erase my blog contents once a year and try to put it back. What an amazing routine I have.

Since this blog is my personal blog, I will share about my journey. I am going to make this blog as my e-journal so I can access it everywhere I am. I think this flat-form is more manageable. As long as I connected to internet service I can read and rewrite my journal.

Not only does post about my routines and journals but also share the story of inspirational people I have ever met during my journey. I hope this blog could make me more productive in writing and inspire other people who stop by for a while to read my journals.

Enjoy your reading. 🙂